The Bells at Buxton

A new treble bell was installed in April 2023, replacing the earlier treble which developed a crack and was removed in September 2022.

The bells were last overhauled in 2006 by Hayward Mills Associates. The peel of six bells was tuned, turned, and rehung with mainly new fittings in the existing bell frame.

BellWeight (cwt-qrs-lbs)DateFounderInscription
1 (Treble)3-3-212022AllanconiThis bell was cast to commeorate the Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty the Queen.
The bell also has the Platinum Jubliee Logo cast on it. which contains the following text ‘The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee 2022’.
23-2-261707Thomas Newman
34-1-261657John II Brend
45-2-241657John II Brend
56-3-81657John II Brend
6 (Tenor)10-2-11910
John Warner & Sons

The details of the old Treble Bell which was removed due to a crack in September 2022.

BellWeight (cwt-qrs-lbs)DateFounderInscriptionNotes
1 (Treble)4-0-271910John Warner & SonsPHILIPPUS EDUARDUS SEWELL FILIUS ME DEDIT 1910The bell developed a crack in March 2022 and was removed in September 2022.

Extra Information

  • Ground Floor Ringing Chamber
  • Toilet Available
  • Parking in Village Hall Carpark (Opposite Church)


Mill Street, Buxton, Norfolk, NR10 5JE