Ringing to mark the death of HM The Queen

Our bell ringers carry on an age-old tradition of ringing when the monarch dies. By convention during the period of mourning following the passing of a monarch, the bells are rung with the clappers fully muffled apart from that of the Tenor bell, muffled on one side only, to sound a periodic striking of an open note, 

The bells of Lammas were rung on Friday 9th September. For twenty-five minutes or ringing rounds and call changes. In memory of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II

The ringers at Lammas were:

  1. Harley Leverett
  2. Anna Johns (Conductor)
  3. Kristopher Harper
  4. Penny Goodman
  5. Pat Johns

At the end of ringing at Lammas, the tenor was tolled by Kristopher Harper for about 10 minutes to allow Pat Johns to travel to Buxton where Patt, tolled the Tenor for 30 minutes.

The Ringer at Buxton was:

  1. Pat Johns

A formal record of our ringing in memory of The Queen has been recorded on BellBoard, which is run by The Ringing World, The weekly Journal for Church Bell Ringers since 1911

Image from the BBC